Meet Jag Dhanda

Consultant Maxillofacial/Head & Neck Surgeon

Dental Implant & Facial Reconstructive Surgeon

Jag Dhanda

Jag Dhanda is a multi-award winning UK trained consultant maxillofacial / head and neck surgeon and clinical reader with a specialist interest in head and neck cancer.

What makes Jag different to other dentists offering dental implant treatment?

Implant surgeons are dentists that offer reconstruction of the teeth and the surrounding structures and their surgical repertoire includes bone grafting techniques with guided bone regeneration and local flaps.

As a consultant facial reconstructive surgeon, Jag is trained to offer reconstruction of the entire oral cavity and not just your teeth and the surrounding gums and bone. He is also trained to offer all reconstructive options including local, distant flaps and free tissue transfer as well as guided bone regeneration. He is also trained to harvest bone from both the inside of the mouth and the rest of the body can offer treatment under local and general anaesthetic.

Jag has a proven track record in training surgeons from dental implant treatment to complex facial reconstruction and travels around the world sharing his knowledge and expertise with trainee surgeons.

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Multi-award winning Consultant Maxillofacial, Head & Neck Surgeon, and Dental Implant Surgeon.


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